Medical Social Services

A home health agency without a social worker is at a definite disadvantage. Home health staff often has concerns for a patient’s safety at home. Some patients come home from the hospital and do not have transportation to their upcoming medical appointments. Even worse, some patients cannot afford or physically cannot obtain their medications.

Home health social workers are necessary and very beneficial to patients needing care at home. Our social workers have access to information and resources to help our patients remain safe and cared for in their own homes. They’ll provide education and links to community resources to assist with any medical, psychological or social assistance that may be needed.

Our social workers have great empathy and compassion for others and have a positive attitude in the face of serious and trying situations. They are here to help patients and families deal with difficult and challenging times. They also assist other team members in understanding the significant social and emotional factors related to a patient’s health problems.

They participate with the nurse in the development of the plan of care, prepare clinical and progress notes, use appropriate community resources based on the individual patient’s needs and are responsible for ensuring the patient has everything they need to remain safely at home.

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